Helping REPs Find the
Talent They Need to Grow 

Crescent Mine Partners provides a wide variety of services to the retail energy industry.  The company helps Retail Energy Providers and other companies find incredible people to fill key roles.  Crescent Mine Partners also provides M&A consulting on the buy and sell side to REPs of all sizes.

Job Placement – If you’re looking for an experienced candidate for any open position, Crescent Mine Partners can help you find incredible talent.  Whether you’re looking for a COO to help guide the company, a CFO to ensure financial stability, a Director of Channel Sales to help drive customer acquisitions – any position that will allow your company to grow faster and more efficiently, Crescent Mine Partners can help you find the best candidate.  We know that an open position can impact all areas of an organization so we work quickly to help our clients continue to grow.

M&A – Crescent Mine Partners also helps companies when it comes time to buy or sell.  If you’re looking for a strong exit strategy, let us introduce you to over 21 companies that are interested in buying REPs right now.  If you’re interested in buying another REP, Crescent Mine Partners can help you find the right REP for your growth strategy. 

Larry Leikin Co-Founder & Partner